The return of FSPA League at Mom’s College Park!

From the desk of RWC…

It’s the triumphant return of MOM’s Organic Pinball League! And we’re making some BIG changes: New night, shorter season, lower dues, just to name a few!

MOM’s Organic Pinball is sheltering in place within MOM’s Organic Market, 9801 Rhode Island Ave., College Park, MD. We will be playing WEDNESDAYS at 7:30 PM. The optional Week 0 (for practice, testing commutes, seeing if you’re willing to leave the house, etc) is on Wednesday June 2nd, with league play starting on June 9th. We will play an EIGHT week season with a break on July 7th for Independence Day week, followed by playoffs on August 11th. See the full schedule and subscribe to the calendar here.
There will be some changes, some temporary, some permanent. There are excellent reasons for all of these, which I will be happy to discuss in person.
  • We will be playing on Wednesdays, not Mondays!
  • This season will be an 8 week season instead of the usual 10, owing to the late start.
  • All games will be eligible for league play… which won’t be so bad because:
  • There will be no preplaying this season! :O  We are going to adopt a “drop your lowest two weeks” model.
  • We will be following MOM’s store rules for mask wearing and whatnot. If they say masks are required, we’re wearing masks for league, so come prepared!
Dues for the season will be $30 for the whole season, mainly because the FSPA is not going to be holding an end of season party so it’s not taking its share. There will also be no $1 fee because the IFPA is not sanctioning events yet. We may jump into the recently formed WFCP if they can add league support in time. Don’t forget: If you opted to let your Spring 2020 dues ride in anticipation of this blessed event (or just forgot to respond to the refund email *Jose*), you can pay for this season’s dues with that money and still have enough left over for a Moler Bowl at Naked Lunch!
Questions? See the FSPA web site or email me directly at!