Now in its 19th year of fun and exciting competition, the Free State Pinball Association (FSPA) runs pinball leagues for women and men of all skill levels. The FSPA has players ranging from novice to some of the best in the world. You'll compete with members of similar ability to your own - everyone has a chance to win!  Play is yearlong enjoyment, held in three 10-week seasons. Take the game to the next level of fun by playing league pinball!

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last updated:Tuesday, 31-Mar-2015 21:42:19 EDT
  • Spring 2015 leagues

  • Flyers for the Spring 2015 season are ready to do work.
    Print a few out and leave them about.

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  • Please keep the DC Area and Baltimore Area sites updated.

  • Win a Pinball machine!
    The FSPA is giving away a Big Game pinball machine at the end of the Summer 2015 season.

  • Flyers for the Spring 2015 season are ready to do work.
    Print a few out and leave them about.

  • League and Contest Results

  • Fall 2014 EoS Party Contest Results:
    Congrats to Gilles Melanson for the Fastest time to defeat the 1st Ringmaster (<39 sec)
    Congrats to Gregg Giblin as King of the Hill, (pulling the last draw was the key)

  • Give Away Machine #13(2014)
    Congratulations to Dave Snyder on winning the Stern Seawitch

  • Pinball: Tournaments & Events courtesy -- Auctions and Shows courtesy of Gameroom Magazine

Our thanks to Stern Pinball.

The FSPA accepts donations of pinball machines and pinball-related items,
big and small, for use as league prizes to help promote pinball.
Will pick up in Baltimore/Washington area.
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