Spring 2022 leagues starting up!

Just a quick reminder that all FSPA leagues are going to start spinning up this week with our traditional “week 0”, which is not a scored league week, but a great opportunity to come visit the location, say hi to folks, check out the games, and maybe start recording some preplays, if your league is using preplays this season. (Please note the change this season that preplays must be recorded with another league player, who should also sign/initial your scores on the preplay sheet.)

As always, it’s extremely helpful if you sign up for the league season online, so your friendly league crew knows who to expect… signing up online makes week #1 so much easier, so please take a moment to do so if you haven’t already:

Lost Rhino
Mustang Sally

Thank you all for your assistance, and thanks for supporting the FSPA! Have a great Spring season.