Party Recap!

Thanks to y’all for the kind words about the party! Julie and I love having everyone enjoy our home and game collection, and Julie’s great cooking. Glad to see so many people make it out!

CONGRATS to Edan Grossman for winning the LITZ Challenge with a dominating score of 363M! Lots of people told me they loved this challenge… it’s an oldie but a goodie, great fun to allow everyone to experience one of the most fun wizard modes ever!

CONGRATS to Caroline Creekman for winning the Cashball Bracket Battle, defeating Sergio Johnson with an insane final score of 267-266! You can view the final bracket results here. If you weren’t watching the finals, you missed something epic… I’m pretty sure neighbors down the street heard the chanting and cheering.

CONGRATS to Steve Kapinos for winning the 2016-2017 giveaway pinball machine, a beautiful Bally Eight Ball Champ! Hope you love the game, Steve!

Everyone — Don’t forget that it’s not too late to join any of our FSPA leagues to be able to earn a drawing ticket toward the 2017-2018 giveaway machine drawing! You will receive a drawing ticket for each season you complete through Summer 2018. We haven’t finalized the giveaway machine yet, but someone playing in one of our leagues will win a free pinball machine in about a year from now!

Enjoy the Fall season of the FSPA!