Pinball Repair Information

  • Do It Yourself? - For do-it-yourself repair guides, Marvin's Repair Guide's Site has invaluable guides to repairing everything from Electromechanicals to Pinball 2000. For parts ordering you may wish to check out The Pinball Resource, Marco Specialities, For Amusement Only, Pinball Life, K's Arcade, Bay Area Amusements.

  • Local Repair Shops - Below is a listing of local pinball repair shops that we know about. If there are any others that should be listed, please let us know. The FSPA in no way guarantees or implies good service from them, though we won't list sites that we believe offer poor service.

    • Pinball Palace Located in Cockeysville, MD. Offers in-home service on all types of machines.
    • Professional Amusements Located in Herndon, VA.
    • Funhouse Amusements - Located in Hanover, MD, near BWI, offers in-home service on modern era games. (410) 590-0072.

    • Pinball Palace offers a 5% service discount to FSPA players.

  • Independent Repair Persons - You may also be able to find an individual to help with your game repairs:

    • is a very active Usenet newsgroup covering all things pinball, and many regulars here are ready and able to help you troubleshoot your machine.
    • The Pinball Collector Registry is a searchable database of pinball collectors, many of whom list that they can do repair work or recommend a local technician.
    • The FSPA Mailing List reaches nearly all of our league members, though is best as a last resort or for unique situations.


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